Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School - Day 2

The three big kids have completed their second day of school! They are exhausted (and so are we)! Caroline is still having a hard time getting dropped off in the morning. It's absolutely heartbreaking for me. I know she stops crying soon after I leave but I still hate leaving her that way. When I come to pick her up at the end of the day she is all smiles and proclaims she has had a great day and loves school. Savannah and Jackson also had a great day. I find it so interesting to hear them talk to each other about their day. And I just love that they have the opportunity to see each other during the day now :) They eat lunch at the same time, have recess at the same time and their classrooms are right across the hall from each other. I'd love to "spy" on them and see what they do when they see each other. Do they get excited and say "HI!" or do they hide their excitement? In any case I encourage them to acknowledge each other and always be supportive of each other - you never know when nice words from a friend or sibling can help turn a bad day into a great day :) McKinley still hasn't taken more than 5 steps but she's doing it! And she just smiles as she's doing it like she knows how exciting this milestone is!

Here is Jackson and his friend, Logan Fuller.

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