Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Started

I would love to start "blogging" on a regular basis. Is it wrong that I feel overwhelmed? I wonder if I know where to begin? Do I go back to the beginning? Or do I just start from now and move forward? Do I go back and try to capture the birth stories of each child, each funny or memorable story? There are so many! My goal this year is to spend more time documenting my beautiful family than I spend working from home at night. Shouldn't be tough, right?

I would love to start by saying that this year is off to a fast yet somewhat comfortable start. It's fast in that all of a sudden we're back to school. Week nights are no longer what they used to be the last three months. Fast in that nightly routines of homework, reading, getting clothes and lunches ready seem to come back too easily. There's something comfortable about a routine. There's something special about sharing the adventures of your day with the ones you love most. I love hearing about my kids' days and I love it even more when they ask each other about their days. It's so amazing to watch them grow into little people. They (at least the three big ones) are not babies anymore. They are beautiful children with hopes, dreams and fears. And they have each other and their mom and dad. Life with four kids can be crazy (I will never lie about that) but watching them care for and talk with each other is priceless. I'm so excited to watch them grow into the beautiful young people that I know they will become and I'm so excited to watch them grow together, by loving each other, caring for each other and being friends through it all. I just hope they will make room for McKinley in their sibling-friendship-love ring they have going on :)

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